Changes made after the approval of the list on December 18, 1997
(VVm = Government regulation, RM = regulation of the Minister for Regional Affairs, RT = Riigi Teataja [State Gazette, official journal of legal acts; links on the issues will direct you to original acts of the official server]):

Note. Estonia is divided into counties (Estonian, maakond), counties are subdivided into municipalities which are of two types: urban municipalitites, or towns (linn), and rural municipalities (vald). (There is no other status distinction between them.) Some rural municipalities consist of one populated place (formerly called the borough, alev) only. If there is also another rural municipality with the same name, in the official use the word "alev" is added in parentheses. After the changes in 2002 there remains only one such pair: Vändra vald and Vändra vald (alev). The main terms used in the names of populated places are linn 'town, city', alev 'borough', alevik 'small borough' and küla 'village'.

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