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Instructions on Russian rendering of geographical names

The following table will give links to the instructions on Russian rendering of geographical names approved in the 1950's–80's by the Main Administration on Geodesy and Cartography of the USSR that are mostly valid up till now. Included in the digital version of the instructions are only the main parts of the text giving direct rules, omitting appendices and some obsolete parts (e.g. the sources). Those interested in full versions could turn to links to scanned original publications on the pages in Wikipedia (list 1, list 2).

The text has been copied as faithfully as possible, all deviations are marked in blue (mostly typos and different formatting).

Country (-ies), region(s) or language(s) Year of original publication Date of KNAB document Comments
Abkhazia 1977 2019-01-11
Arabic 1966 2018-02-08 Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen
Armenia 1974 2019-01-16
Azerbaijan 1972 2019-01-19 Added Roman-script equivalents
China 1983 2018-02-11 Includes Mongolian and Tibetan names
English 1975 2018-01-29 United Kingdom, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
France 1975 2018-02-03 Includes Basque, Breton and Provençal names
Georgia 1972 2019-01-13
Khanty 1966 2019-01-25
Komi 1986 2019-01-21
Mansi 1966 2019-01-26
Mari El 1979 2019-01-22
Mordovia 1971 2019-01-23
Myanmar (Burma) 1978 2019-02-01 Includes Shan names
Nenets 1965 2019-01-26
Ossetic 1969 2019-01-12
Udmurtia 1973 2019-01-20