The 6th Meeting of the Baltic Division of UNGEGN
Kihnu, Estonia
28-30 May 2003


Estonian version | Russian version

Wednesday, 28 May

15.00 Departure by ferry from the Munalaiu Port, arrival in Kihnu, accommodation, registration
17.00 Concert (Kihnumua ensemble)
18.30 Dinner

Thursday, 29 May

09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Meeting of the Baltic Division and seminar on names standardization:
Elvi Sepp, New draft Place Names Act of Estonia, activities of the Place Names Board
Kiira Mõisja, Problems of mapping geographical names of Estonia
12.30–13.30 Lunch
Vita Strautniece, Standardization of village names in Latvia
Lui Hubel, Estonian National Place Names Register
Ieva Kaģe, Example of local place names database (names of Beļava civil parish)
Romualdas Girkus, Lakes with two names in Lithuania (with an abstract in English)
16.00 Excursion on the island
18.30 Dinner
19.00 Sauna

Friday, 30 May

09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Meeting of the Baltic Division:
Annely Akkermann, Place names of Kihnu
Ojārs Bušs, New in the lexicographical systematization of Latvian toponyms
Lidija Leikuma, Some problems of transposing dialectal toponyms of Latvia (Latgale)
Jūratė Palionytė, Street names in the minority languages
Peeter Päll, Standardization of Estonian-Swedish toponyms
Tõnu Raudsepp, Kihnu place names on the Basic Map of Estonia
Official business:
organization of the Baltic Division, activities and cooperation inside the Division
12.30 Closing of the meeting
13.00 Lunch
15.40 Departure to the port
16.20 Departure from Kihnu, arrival in the Munalaiu Port